What Are The Advantages of Using Direct Marketing and Leaflet Distribution Services?


This is one of our most asked questions and whilst the truth is that the advantages of using leaflet distribution services in an advertising campaign will vary between each business using the service, there are some clear advantages which will enhance the benefits of such a campaign for all businesses.

 Targeted Service

Direct Marketing is a targeted service, which offers the advantage of delivering your company’s message to identified existing or potential clients in a targeted and well-defined way, unlike the expensive, scatter-gun approach of mass marketing.  However, the advantage in the targeted nature of this form of direct marketing is that it can also be flexible, so if a business needs to target certain, defined geographical areas or demographic and exclude others, this can also be achieved.

Defined Markets

 Similarly, leaflet distribution allows for direct mailing to target markets that may be defined by a range of factors, including geography, customer demographic, business addresses and new or existing client base, for example.  When precise market research is conducted in advance of a direct marketing campaign, it’s possible to define those markets which should receive the leaflets, thus maximising both the advantage from using the direct approach and the cost-effectiveness of the campaign.


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Leaflet distribution: is it a measurable form of marketing?

Quantifiable response rate:

Door to door leaflet distribution offers a highly measurable form of marketing, in terms of both numbers and costs as well as responses and purchases resulting from the campaign.  A quantifiable response rate can inform on the management of marketing budgets and success of in-content approaches to customers, all of which is valuable market research in its own right for growing businesses.

Along with the fact that leaflet distribution can also facilitate a targeted approach to link the right businesses with the right potential customers, there’s possibly more reason to ask why wouldn’t a company use door to door leaflet distribution?

Can you think of a more flexible marketing strategy than leaflets?


The content of the leaflet can be as flexible as needed to get a company’s message, purpose and a range of potential offers through to the right customers.  The method of delivery can also be flexible, so whether a business requires their leaflet to be inserted alongside another publication, such as a newspaper, or delivered alone, the distribution company can usually organise the delivery to fit the exact requirements.

Would you use flyers to raise your company’s profile?

Business Profile:

An advertising campaign in an advertising booklet or online trade advertisement site puts many similar companies all together, which serves only to demonstrate alternatives to a customer.  By contrast, when a leaflet drops through the door it is not usually surrounded by similar leaflets from rival companies: this automatically raises the profile of your business.  With leaflets also having the potential to include both contact details and a call to action such as a limited-term discount or voucher code, there’s no reason why a potential customer would consider the competition when they have your profile and offer on their mind and your leaflet in their hands!

Can leaflet distribution offer your company a high conversion rate?

High conversion:

Compared to many methods of advertising, leaflet distribution offers a relatively high 48%* conversion rate to follow up action, which includes making a purchase, a visit or and enquiry for more information.  Any of these actions can happen in the short-term immediately following the leaflet drop or in the long-term, when they might need to follow up the service on offer, meaning a lasting potential for continued conversion and repeat business.

Ask Us: Why Should A Company Use Door to Door Leaflet Distribution? Pt. 1

Why should a door to door method of leaflet distribution appeal to a company or business is a common question, which is best answered by demonstrating some of the very best benefits that direct, through the letter-box leaflet distribution has to offer:


One of the major benefits of leaflet distribution through the door is the fact that the potential customer is required to interact with the leaflet, even if it’s just to pick it up of the doormat and give it a glance over, the customer is still engaged in appraising the leaflet and the information it offers.  Even if the impact is not immediate and the information not necessary for the customer right at that time, many potential clients will keep the leaflet for a later date, meaning that the impact does not have to be explosive and immediate, but can be a slow-burn route to sales in the long term.

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Leaflet Distribution Campaigns: Is That Quote Expensive or Value for Money?

The costs, hidden or real, of a leaflet distribution campaign are a real concern for businesses determined to get the best value for money from their marketing budgets.  Whilst costs and types of service available will vary between distribution companies, the service provided within those quotes  will also vary: from reputable, reliable service which achieves results to a poorly executed distribution and little follow up.

If you are thinking of triggering your first leaflet distribution campaign and are busy comparing the costs, there are several factors to bear in mind to help you to work out if the quote in front of you is expensive or actually value for money.

What’s included?

Even if you thought your marketing budget was a sensible one, a decent, value for money package from a reputable leaflet distribution company will probably seem a little on the expensive side and this is because, quite simply, you get what you pay for.

Most reputable companies will offer packages which might seem expensive, but they often include options such as GPS tracking, well-trained and trustworthy delivery staff and follow-up back-checking.  These features serve to reassure you that the service you are paying for is guaranteeing the safe delivery of your leaflets to your target market, giving you value for money straightaway because you know your leaflets are being safely delivered in a professional manner which is in keeping with the profile of your own company.

Cheap and not very cheerful …

Contrast this with some of the cheaper options around.  Some companies will stress that they will deliver 1,000 leaflets in a day for less than £60.  Whilst this might seem to be a bargain, in terms of actual cost it’s the worst kind of value for anybody’s money.

For one thing, it would take a whole day to deliver 1,000 leaflets door to door which, by the time the company takes their own profit and overheads, means that their delivery personnel are either being paid well below the minimum wage, which is illegal, and / or are not trained or reliable.   In this instance, the sad truth is that the delivery person is not only likely to be under-motivated,  as well as underpaid or under age, but also likely to dump your leaflets or at least a quantity of them, without due respect for what you thought was the targeted delivery you signed up for.

Solus or inserted?

Having your leaflet distributed ‘solus’ – without any other leaflet or papers, is likely to cost twice or three times as much as having it included with other leaflets or a newspaper.  For some, this seems to be needlessly expensive as the flyer still ends up in the same place, so surely the lower cost alternatives might offer the same value for money?  What needs to be considered is the matter of impact.  A single leaflet on the door mat invites individual attention, attention which can be easily lost if that same leaflet arrives as part of a whole sheaf of leaflets or, worse, hidden within the folds of a newspaper.

Again, the question of expense versus value for money has to be asked: whatever the amount you pay, it’s not going to be value for money if your leaflet distribution fails in one of these three key areas:

  • Fails to arrive
  • Fails to have impact
  • Fails to convert into sales

Depending on the services your leaflet distribution company offers, the price you pay could dictate the success or failure of your campaign in at least one, or even all three of these key areas, so don’t ask yourself whether the package on offer is expensive, ask if it offers value for money.

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